I hope 2020 is the best year yet for you, I really do. Just a quick note to let you know that to start off the new year, Paul Tremblay’s THE CABIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD is now at the printer and hopefully on track for an end of February shipping date, depending upon how busy the printer is.

Please note that in order for me to guarantee you a matching number you need to order a title when it’s at the preorder stage, because when the book is published and I receive more orders I have to let unreserved numbers go to fulfil all the new orders. So if you’d like a matching number to a previous title please remember to order it while the book is at the preorder stage as to not be disappointed. Thank you.

GWENDY’S MAGIC FEATHER by Richard Chizmar has also been sent to the printer! This one will take longer though because we have to wait until the books are completed so we can send a copy to the casemaker to correctly size the slipcases. I’m hoping for an end of May 2020 publication date. But that may change if there are any delays at the printer or casemaker. Hopefully there won’t be though.

Another update on GWENDY’S MAGIC FEATHER is that I’ve given the book an upgrade! It will now be printed on a heavier stock to make it look even better.

I’ve also got something VERY special coming this year, but I can’t say anymore just yet. Let’s just say that I’m so excited about it I may just burst! :D

Thanks again for all your support and take care,