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Beware the Dark #2

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  • Editor:Paul Fry
  • Artist:Vincent Sammy
  • Publication Date:May 2014
  • ISBN:978-1-909640-18-4
  • ISSN:2053-0307
  • Edition:Full Colour Magazine
  • Page Count:140


Horror Fiction & Dark Art

Tom Piccirilli Special Contents:
Introductions by Edward Lee & Gerard Houarner

Three New Stories by Tom Piccirilli:
"At the Mercy of Angry Angels"
"Waste of the Good Stuff"
"How Some of Us Sleep"

Nonfiction Piece:
"Meeting the Black"

Tributes From:
Ed Gorman: Letting It Bleed
Jack Ketchum: On Fuckin' Lie Down Already
Norman Partridge: Pic's Dirty Dozen
Michelle Scalise: The Poetry of a Broken Angel

Tom Piccirilli Bibliography

Other Horror Fiction:
"The Baby" by Edward Lee *
"Pack Rat" by Eric Red
"The Black Dress" by T. T. Zuma
"Whore" by David E. Greske
"Stripper with a Broken Leg" by Joshua Dobson
"Poor Mrs Rena" by Vi Reaper

"The Baby" by Edward Lee was originally published as a limited edition chapbook by Bloodletting Press in 2003.

Dark Art:
Vincent Sammy
Vince Natale
Alfred Klosterman
Alex McVey
Luke Spooner
Keith Minnion

Gallery: Vincent Sammy

Columns, Interviews & Reviews:
Ray Garton: Writers You Should Be Reading
Nancy Kilpatrick: The Abyss
Ramsey Campbell: Ramsey's Ruminations
Robert Morrish: Nightlight
Ty Schwamberger: The Dark Spot Interview Series – Interview with Tom Piccirilli
A Brief Conversation with Vincent Sammy by Paul Fry
Joe R. Lansdale Interviewed by Jack Bantry

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