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Bullet Ballerina

Oversized Hcvr £14.95 / Paperback £6.45
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  • Author:Tom Piccirilli
  • Artist:Greg Chapman
  • Publication Date:June 2015
  • ISBN:978-1-909640-31-3 (Hcvr) / 978-1-909640-33-7 (Pbck)
  • Edition:Trade Hardcover / Trade Paperback

Johnny Booze is an Iraq War vet and ex-cop who went off the grid when mobsters killed his family. He's been a shadow on the street, a killing machine who fancies himself judge, jury, and executioner.

But this isn't his story.

It's the tale of Ellie, a ballet student who's found Johnny to ask him not to kill JoJo "the Ganooch" Ganucci. Because she wants to do it herself. She thinks JoJo has taken everything from her when he stepped on her toe and ruined her future as a world-class ballerina.

What's worse than a trained soldier with a mad-on for anyone connected to the New York syndicate?

An unbalanced sixteen-year-old girl with a grudge.

Written by Tom Piccirilli and illustrated by Greg Chapman, BULLET BALLERINA is a blackly humorous tale of revenge that takes the elements of hardboiled/noir and twists them in a unique fashion.

Signature Sheet Edition: All hardcover copies ordered directly from SST Publications come with a FREE exclusive signature sheet which is signed by the artist only. (Very sadly, Tom Piccirilli passed away before he was able to sign the signature sheets.) These aren't available anywhere else, so if you'd like something special order your copy direct from us!

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