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Don't Stand So Close

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  • Author:Eric Red
  • Artist:Eric Red
  • Publication Date:July 2012
  • ISBN:978-0-9542523-4-2
  • Edition:Trade Paperback
  • Page Count:278

She was every student's fantasy and he was the teacher's pet. She was older, beautiful and experienced. It was the brush of her hand passing back homework. That special glance. He spent hours in class imagining what her body looked like under her dress, until the day came when they had their first kiss. But his wildest dreams soon became his worst nightmare. She took him to forbidden places he wasn't ready for, but when he wanted to stop she wouldn't let him. If she couldn't have him, nobody could, and lives would be lost before it was over. He never should have crossed the line with his teacher, because some lines should never, ever be crossed.

An eBook is also available.

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