Just a little heads up that I’ll be sending out an Exclusive Bibliophile’s Club members offer very soon. So, if you do want to make sure you receive it could you please check that you’re still signed up for our Newsletter.

Due to the new General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) that came into effect on May 25th if you didn’t re-confirm that you still wanted to receive our Newsletters I had to remove you from our mailing list, no matter which country you live in. The reason being that as usual the new regulation wasn’t all that clear. It was supposed to only effect folks in the EU, but I read online that people living outside the EU still had to re-confirm. So, to avoid any problems at all, as I wanted to make sure that everyone on our mailing list had manually agreed to keep receiving our newsletter, the subscribers that hasn’t ‘opted-in’ to the GDPR in the newsletter I sent out, I removed from SST’s mailing list.

If you would like to continue receiving our awesome announcements and exclusive offers—and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you! —could you please double check that you are in fact still subscribed? The easiest way if you’re not sure is to sign up again using your same email address at https://sstpublications.co.uk/SST-Bibliophiles-Club.html and it should say if you’re already subscribed or not.

I’m really sorry for the hassle it’s just that I couldn’t take the chance that people were subscribed to our Bibliophile’s Club that did no longer want to be.

As I said, I have an Exclusive Offer for SST’s Bibliophile’s Club Members coming very soon, so please make sure you’re still signed up as you won’t receive it! Oh no! :)