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Fade to Black

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  • Author:Jeff Mariotte
  • Artist:Daniele Serra
  • Publication Date:August 2014
  • ISBN:978-1-909640-17-7
  • Edition:Deluxe Hardcover
  • Page Count:132

Desert survival is hard, even without a cannibal cult in the mix. Five people will find that out as they embark on the most terrifying journey of their young lives . . . only none of them are what they seem—and neither is anything else!—in this gut-wrenching tale of horror.

Written by award-winning novelist and comic book writer Jeff Mariotte (Desperadoes, Zombie Cop, The Slab, Season of the Wolf), with art by award-winning, internationally acclaimed illustrator Daniele Serra (Pray for Death, Veins and Skulls), Fade to Black is, as bestselling author Jonathan Maberry writes in his introduction, ". . . the darkest and most delicious kind of comic book fun."

Foreword by Jeff Mariotte
Introduction by Jonathan Maberry

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