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Night Screams for Mercy

Oversized Hardcover £12.95 / Paperback £4.95
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  • Author:Hannu Kesola
  • Artist:Jussi Piironen
  • Publication Date:January 2015
  • ISBN:978-1-909640-25-2 (Hcvr) / 978-1-909640-32-0 (Pbck)
  • Edition:Trade Hardcover / Trade Paperback
  • Page Count:64

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Oversized Hardcover [£12.92]
Trade Paperback [£4.95]

It is the year 1972. A savage murderer keeps a western Italian city in terror. Every morning a new slashed woman's body is found. An experienced detective, Claudio Morante, starts to investigate the case, which turns out to be more difficult than expected. Will he be able to stop the killer in time, when the . . .

. . . Night Screams for Mercy?

Introduction by Eric Red

Signature Sheet Edition: All hardcover copies ordered directly from SST Publications come with a FREE exclusive signature sheet which is signed by the author and the artist. These aren't available anywhere else, so if you'd like something special order your copy direct from us!

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