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  • Author:Glenn Møane
  • Illustrator:Elias Martins
  • Colourist:Russell Vincent Yu
  • Publication Date:August 2015
  • ISBN:978-1-909640-29-0
  • Edition:Deluxe Hardcover
  • Page Count:88

With their hands full doing hits for the mob, homicide detectives Stephen Vaveli and Joe Lombardo find themselves in a tough spot when they try to catch a ruthless killer who preys on children. Inspired by events that led to the conviction of two NYPD detectives in 2006, Partners is a hardboiled crime noir story about loyalty, ethics and the consequences of doing business with the devil. Written by Glenn Møane, illustrated by Elias Martins and colored by Russell Vincent Yu.

Introduction by Ed Gorman & Ricky Sprague

Signature Sheet Edition: All hardcover copies ordered directly from SST Publications come with a FREE exclusive signature sheet which is signed by the author and the artist. These aren't available anywhere else, so if you'd like something special order your copy direct from us!

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