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The Fields

Signed Hcvr £23.95 / Trade Hcvr £14.95
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  • Author:Ty Schwamberger
  • Artist:Ben Baldwin
  • Interior Illustrator:Tara Bush
  • Publication Date:July 2016
  • ISBN:978-1-909640-67-2 (SHcvr) / 978-1-909640-68-9 (Hcvr)
  • Edition:Signed & Numbered Limited Hardcover / Trade Hardcover
  • Page Count:132

Billy Fletcher learned to farm the family's tobacco fields—and beat slaves—by the hands of his father. Now, his father is dead, the slaves have long since been freed, and the once-lush fields are dying. Salvation by the name of Abraham knocks on the farmhouse door, bringing wild ideas. He can help Billy save the plantation and return the fields to their former glory . . . by raising his father's slaves from the dead.

Can the resurrected slaves breathe life back into the Fletcher farm? Having brought the slaves back from graves that his father sent them to, can Billy be the kind master his father wasn't? Is keeping the farm worth denying the men the freedom they earned with death?

Billy's conscience holds the key to those mysteries, but not the biggest one: what does Abraham really want from the former slave owner's son?

Welcome to The Fields.

Foreword by Joe McKinney

Introduction by Jonathan Maberry

Afterword by Ty Schwamberger

Here are the details of our limited hardcover edition:

Signed by Ty Schwamberger, Ben Baldwin & Tara Bush
Limited to only 100 copies worldwide
Each copy is numbered by hand
Four-colour laminated dust jacket
Exclusive book board cover design
Printed on acid-free paper

Original edition cover art as the title page artwork by Thomas A. Erb
Interior illustrations exclusively for the Signed Limited Edition by Tara Bush
Features exclusive Dust Jacket artwork

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