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The Guns of Santa Sangre

Hardcover £18.95 / Paperback £10.95
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  • Author:Eric Red
  • Artist:John Gallagher
  • Publication Date:March 2017
  • ISBN:978-1-909640-91-7 (Hcvr) / 978-1-909640-93-1 (Pbck)
  • Series:The Men Who Walk Like Wolves (Book One)
  • Edition:Trade Hardcover / Trade Paperback
  • Page Count:220

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Trade Hardcover [£18.95]
Trade Paperback [£10.95]

Six-guns vs. werewolves in the Old West!

They're hired guns. The best at what they do. They've left bodies in their wake across the West. But this job is different. It'll take all their skill and courage. And very special bullets. Because their targets this time won't be shooting back. They'll fight back with ripping claws, tearing fangs and animal cunning. They're werewolves. A pack of bloodthirsty wolfmen have taken over a small Mexican village, and the gunmen are the villagers' last hope. The light of the full moon will reveal the deadliest showdown the West has ever seen—three men with six-shooters facing off against snarling, inhuman monsters.

The first 150 copies of the Trade Hardcover edition are Signed, Numbered & Lined by Eric Red.

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