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The Wolves of El Diablo

Hardcover £19.95 / Paperback £11.95
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  • Author:Eric Red
  • Artist:John Gallagher
  • Publication Date:August 2017
  • ISBN:978-1-909640-97-9 (Hcvr) / 978-1-909640-98-6 (Pbck)
  • Series:The Men Who Walk Like Wolves (Book Two)
  • Edition:Trade Hardcover / Trade Paperback
  • Page Count:278

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Trade Hardcover [£19.95]
Trade Paperback [£11.95]

In THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE, three 1800s gunfighters battled a ferocious pack of werewolves in Old Mexico. In the sequel, THE WOLVES OF EL DIABLO, the three outlaws rob a Federale steam train in the badlands of El Diablo transporting a fortune in silver bars. But when a savage werewoman, hungry for revenge on the men who killed her brother, leads her bloodthirsty gang of wolfmen in an attack on the train, the outlaws find themselves trapped on a highballing railroad in the middle of the desert fighting fifty werewolves.

This time it's bigger action, more lycanthropes, more silver bullets, and much more Werewolf Western thrills!

The first 150 copies of the Trade Hardcover edition are Signed, Numbered & Lined by Eric Red.

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