I just wanted to give you a little production update so you know what’s going on with our titles at the moment.

We have several titles currently at the printer. DEVOTED and A WRITER PREPARES have been at the printer for a few weeks now, and BIRD BOX has been at the printer since last Friday. HORRORSTÖR should be on its way to the printer any day now.

Unfortunately, the printer is really busy at the moment. A lot of it is to do with Covid-related issues. Brexit has also caused a lot of problems as most of the materials are sourced from Europe, and deliveries are taking way longer now for goods to reach the UK from Europe.

I really do appreciate your patience. I know you’re waiting for your books. I’m waiting for them myself as I’m dying to see how they’ve turned out. I will keep you updated on their progress.

Thanks so much for all of your incredible support, I really am so grateful.