Hi Everybody!

I wanted to give you a little update on what’s happening here at SST at the moment.

I received WET JUJU from the printer late on Friday the 4th and I’ve been working non-stop since then packing and shipping everyone’s orders so I can get them sent out before Christmas. So if you’ve ordered this one directly from SST, it’s either on its way to you or will be very soon.

Just in case you missed the Surprise In Stock title announcement the other day, I’m very happy to announce the publication of the first art book by Ben Baldwin, REFRACTIONS. The Signed, Lettered Remarqued Oversized Limited Hardcover has now sold out and we only have a few of the Signed & Numbered Oversized Limited Hardcover edition left. So if you’re thinking of ordering this one please don’t leave it too long as I really wouldn’t want you to miss out as it’s a very special book.

I am very upset about our Signed & Numbered Limited Hardcover edition of THE ONLY GOOD INDIANS by Stephen Graham Jones as I’ve really tried my very hardest to get it published before Christmas. But as you all know, the coronavirus has really had an impact on everything this year. Things have unfortunately been delayed with staff being furloughed at companies and everything taking much longer than usual to get done. So it doesn’t look likely that it will ship before Christmas I’m afraid.

The printer emailed me the other day to say that the speciality paper stock they order in especially for my editions isn’t going to be delivered to them until the 15th of December. So even they are able to get the books completed and delivered to me before Christmas I will more than likely miss the last post. I will of course pack and ship the books as soon as I receive them but it is looking highly unlikely they’ll be delivered before Christmas I’m afraid.

I really am very sorry about that as I did try my very hardest to get them done and sent out before the holidays.

The good news about THE ONLY GOOD INDIANS is that it’s almost sold out. So I’m really happy about that as it does promise to be a gorgeous book.

Have a wonderful holiday season and I wish you a very happy and healthy new year! And I’d like to give you all a MASSIVE hug to thank you for all your amazing support this year. It really means the world to me! :D

Take care,