I have some great news! I’m having slipcases produced for some SST titles and I’m starting with Stephen Graham Jones’s My Heart is a Chainsaw and Don’t Fear the Reaper.

Both slipcases are already in production and will hopefully ship together at the end of October/beginning of November.

If you’ve ordered Don't Fear the Reaper directly from SST, you should have received a direct email with an exclusive offer on both slipcases. As I will be shipping them together with the Reaper books you won’t have to pay any extra for shipping, and if you’re in the UK you won’t have to pay any VAT on the slipcases.

Books and slipcased books are zero rated VAT, but if a slipcase is sold on its own, I have to charge and pay VAT on them. But shipping them together with your Reaper book makes them zero rated VAT.

The VAT is ONLY for UK customers, overseas customers don’t have to pay VAT on them. If you’re an overseas customer, when you checkout and enter your shipping address it will remove the VAT from the price and display the actual price you have to pay, without any VAT added.

PLEASE NOTE: I am only having half of the amount of slipcases produced as I did for the books for Chainsaw and Reaper as I know that not everyone who bought the books will be ordering the slipcases as well. So supplies are very LIMITED and if you would like the slipcases, please order today so you don’t miss out. Thank you!

Here’s the order link for both slipcases: